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  • Calendula orange

    Autumn Planting

    May 14, 2015

    Make sure you are planting what is best suited to your environment, this will be the key to their success Some plants require more sun than others, and some more shade. Plants thrive in different kinds of soil, and by knowing what kind you have, you can add the right soil amendments to your garden before planting. Plant up containers to brighten up the coming winter days. Planting To ensure your plants get off to the best start and grow successfully it is so important to make sure you are planting into nutrient rich soil. Add organic matter to your soil like sheep pellets or powder or a layer of Compost before planting. Feed & Water Water is the lifeline of your garden and lack of water is a common cause for plants dying. Installing a watering system will help – you can easily create your own with a soak […][...]

  • tomatoseedling_300x200

    Gardening Tips For Summer

    October 6, 2014

    The weather is certainly getting warmer, summer officially starts in less than three weeks. Everyone must be looking forward to the beach and plenty of BBQs. Make sure you have your garden in tip top shape so that you and your friends and family can sit outside with the BBQ on, a glass of wine in hand and really basque in your surroundings. Here are some summer gardening tips to get you under way. [...]