In New Zealand camellias are grown as ornamental plants for their flowers. Flowers are usually large and conspicuous, with the first flowers appearing in late winter.  Camellias can be grown in a shrub border, as a specimen in a pot, trained into espalier or as a hedge. They require acidic well drained soil and some sun for flowering.

Black Lace

Dark red, medium rose form to formal double. 1.8m

Black Tie

A formal double dark red flower is the feature of this camellia. Makes a great show.  3m


White, miniature anemone form. 1.5m

Brushfields Yellow

Delightful yellow flowers that are ideal for a mixed border or container. The spring bloom flowers have white outer petals that set off the creamy yellow centre.  3m

Cinnamon Cindy

Scented, pale pink, white petaloids. Miniature peony. 2m


Double rose pink peony like firm flowers.  Early to late.  2.5m


Large formal bloom, double white shaded pink.  1.5m

Dr Colin Crisp

Crisp white semi-double flowers highlighted with golden stamens.  1m

Fairy Wand

Small semi-double blooms of bright rosy red.  2m

Festival of Lights

Miniature single. White and pale pink. Average upright growth. Small glossy foliage. 1.5m

Gay Baby

Small deep lavender pink blooms that are semi-double. Golden stamens add to the overall effect.  2m

Jury’s Yellow

White/creamy yellow petaloids. Medium anemone form. 1.5m

Lemon Drop

White, lemon centre. Miniature rose form, double. 1.5m

Man Size

Miniature white anemone form.  Mid season.  2m

Margaret Davis

White/cream edged bright vermilion. Full peony. 2m

Mimosa Jury

Medium size, formal double, soft pink. Medium upright form. 1.5m

Night Rider

Black red. Small semi-double, dark red growth. 1.2m

Nuccios Gem

Large, formal, double, white blooms with up to ten tiers of rounded petals.  Early.  2.5m


Pink opening to white. Miniature, low growing. 0.8m


Strong fragrance produced by the pretty double blooms. The flowers are predominantly white with a blush of pink.  2.5m

Silver Column

Small single, pure white. Slender upright growth, with very dark foliage. 1.8m


‘Tea Camellia’.  Dainty single, scented white flowers with just a blush of lemon.  2m


Semi-double, soft pink blooms that blend softly into the white centre.  1m

Spring Festival

Pink fading light pink. Miniature rose form double. 2.5m

Super Star

Lovely crisp white blooms that are large and semi-double with central white stamens tipped gold.  1.5m

Sweet Emily Kate

Scented pale pink. Miniature peony form. 0.4m

Sweet Jane

Bright pink buds opening to white shaded pink. Small anemone form. 1.8m

Tiny Princess

Delicate pale pink blooms with white shadings.  2m


Masses of deep pink buds opening to tiny white flowers. Small leaves. 1.8m


Masses of tiny pink, fragrant flowers.  1.5m


Large, fully double, ruffled blooms open to shades of soft pink delicately edged in white and gradually deepen in tone throughout the long flowering season.  2m


Lavender tinted bright pink, medium formal double. 1.8m

Wirlinga Bride

White. Miniature single creped flower. Fine, pale green, ferny foliage. 1.5m