Deciduous azaleas drop their leaves in the autumn, and grow a new set of leaves in the spring.  Azaleas will serve most garden uses admirably, and they also can be grown in open woodlands in light shade where, with proper initial soil preparation, they are often able to take care of themselves indefinitely.  Stock may vary throughout the year.

Copper Frills

Large coppery red. 2m


Soft pastel pink, flushed deeper pink, with a prominent orange-yellow flare.  Very fragrant.  1.5m

Eskimo Pie

Large pure white head with yellow flare. 1.4m


Lovely ball-shaped trusses of semi-double rose pink flowers. Scented.  1.5m

Melford Lemon

Glowing saffron with apricot flare. 1.5


Compact rounded upright bush bearing fragrant, double flowers in shades of soft apricot.  1.5m

Yellow Ball

Bright golden yellow in large round heads.  Scented.  1.8m