The amazing mass of blooms, the fragrance, the range of colours, flower form and texture simply take your breath away.  Stock may vary throughout the year.

Anna Rose Whitney

Bright rose pink. Very large trusses. Vigorous plant with good foliage.  2.5m

Belle Heller

Beautiful globular trusses of white flowers with an attractive yellow blotch stand out against the leathery green foliage.  1.5m

Black Magic

Deep, dark red. Lots of buds.  1.2m

Blue Peter

Soft mauve-blue. Up to 17 flowers per truss.  1.5m

Bumble Bee

Purple flowers with dark blotch.  1.5m

Cherry Custard

Red buds open to soft apricot/yellow flowers.  1m

Christmas Cheer

Large rose pink buds open out to funnel shaped, frilly blooms of pale pink that gradually fade to almost white.  2m


Large full trusses of striking ruby red flowers appear in spring.  1.5m

Dora Amaties

White blooms are speckled green and open from pink buds. The blooms appear in spring and have a spicy fragrance.  1m

Grace Seabrook

Bright glowing, blood-red.  1-2m


Blooms are a deep purple-pink tone, the colour is more intense in the centre of the bloom.  1.5m


Pale yellow flowers which are tinged with pink. 0.75m

Helene Schiffner

Mauve bud opens pure white.  1-2m


Large trusses of delicate pale lilac flowers in spring.  1.5m


Small deep violet blue flowers cover delightful dwarf bush.  0.5m

Jean Marie De Matague

Trusses of bright red blooms that appear in mid spring.  1.5m

John Bull

Pale pink, flushed cream, highly scented.  1m


Deep red, in large trusses.  2.2m

Lemon Ice

Small white flowers that have a yellow flare.  1.5m


Deep cream, big compact truss. 1.2m

Mrs G W Leak

Light rosy pink deeper throat, splashed maroon.  1.5m

Purple Heart

Violet, lemon-yellow and green throat.  1.5m


White, heavily spotted maroon.  2m


Rose pink, darker edges, deep red blotch.  1.2m


In early spring blooms appear in great globular trusses of glowing red with a speckling of black.  1.8m

Trude Webster

Large trusses of ruffled, clear pink flowers that appear mid spring.  1.5m


Buds burst bright pink open butter cream.  1.2m

Vulcans Flame

Fiery blood red. Large domed truss.  1.8m