Hedges add another living element to your garden and home, they are a thing of beauty. The act of trimming plants to formally create a hedge is a very ancient gardening practice. A good hedge adds value and character to your property, and best of all hedges are not that hard to grow.

Hedges enclose, provide shelter, structure, privacy, and floral interest. Hedging looks brilliant in any garden.

Please contact us about sizes and pricing as many of these varieties come in 2 or 3 different grades.

  • Buxus sempervirens
  • Buxus microphylla
  • Camellia setsugekka
  • Choisya tenata
  • Corokia Frosted Chocolate
  • Corokia Geentys Green
  • Cupressocyparis Leightons Green
  • Euonymus Emerald Gem
  • Grisellinia Broadway Mint
  • Griselinia Canterbury
  • Lavendar dentata
  • Lavendar hidcote
  • Lavendar munstead
  • Ligustrum rotundifolium
  • Michelia figo
  • Michelia gracipies
  • Michelia yunnanensis
  • Photinia Red Robyn
  • Pittosporum Mountain Green
  • Pittosporum Oliver Twist
  • Pittosporum Silver Sheen
  • Pittosporum Stephens Island
  • Teucrium fruiticans
  • Viburnum Eve Price