Time to plant strawberries and get those roses pruned back

It’s Strawberry planting time

Single pots $2.00 each or 6 for $10

6 packs $8.00

Its that time again …


Pruning and Spraying

– Choose a nice fine, still day – Remove any dead canes at the base. – Cut back any dead shoots or crossing branches, or anything too thin to carry flowers. – Shorten any remaining branches by at least a third. Cut back just above an outward facing bud. – Spray with a copper spray to attack any dormant diseases and will stop airborne fungus getting into the open cuts – Do not fertilise yet, wait until you see new growth from August .

Ornamental Trees have arrived

Maples, Dogwoods, Cherry Blossoms, Magnolias, Forest Pansies, Silver Weeping Pear, Robinia’s and the Wedding Cake Tree

At the first sign of bud movement on your fruit trees spray with Copper to eliminate leaf curl.

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