FL. Light fragrance. Novelty colouring of burgundy red striped yellow cream with each bloom magically displaying its own individual combination. Some flowers one colour. 90cm

Absolutely Fabulous

Fl. Strong fragrance, double flowers of butter gold on a healthy bushy plant. Very free flowering. 1m

Amber Flush

H.T. Fragrant double flowers of apricot amber, good for picking. Upright and bushy growth. 1.2m


Fl. Strong healthy bush of porcelain pink, good disease resistance with glossy darker green foliage, profuse. 1.3m

Best Wishes

Fl. A stunning display of bright yellow flowers on a plant that is super healthy and quick to repeat. 1.4m

Birthday Present

Climber. Very fragrant, double, shapely flowers of dark red on a vigorous plant, prolific, 4m

Brilliant Pink Iceberg

Fl. Fragrant, semi double, bright cerise pink and silvery white, free flowering. 1.5m


Fl. Slightly fragrant, very double, brownish red. 1.2m

Diamonds Forever

H.T. Fragrant, double, soft yellow paling out at edges. Good for picking with strong compact growth. 1.2m

Everlasting Love

Fl. Double, scarlet, good picking rose blooms last well. Will give a good display, always in flower. 1m

Faithful Companion

Semi double flowers open yellow orange, ages to a soft yellow with pink tones, nearly always in flower, weathers well. 1m

Faithful Friend

H.T. Warm golden apricot blooms with a swirl of petals, set on rich glossy green foliage. 1m

First Red

H.T. Double rich black red to cardinal red flowers on long nearly thornless stems. Growth is tall and flowers repeat quickly. Good for picking. 1.2m

Fond Memories

Fl. A lovely soft pink flower, perfectly formed blooms, large for a floribunda, and produced in small clusters on a vigorous plant. 1.2m


Fl. Very fragrant, double, bright unfading yellow, profuse. 1.2m

Gold Medal

H.T. Double, deep gold tipped orange, on a tall plant. 1.2m

Golden Jubilee

Fl. Very double flower of clear yellow on a compact shrubby plant. Mid green glossy foliage.

Hot Chocolate

Fl.  A unique blend of russet brown shaded blooms, produced in large clusters on a bushy, robust plant. A genuine pleasure in the garden, good strong growth and incredibly dark glossy foliage


Fl. Fragrant, semi double, pure white, free flowering. 1.8m

Jacqueline Du Pre

Modern shrub. Musk fragrance, semi double, creamy blush to white with red stamens, repeats well on a tall very healthy plant. 1.5m

Kathryn Mansfield

H.T. Delightful old world fragrance, double, lavendar, prolific growth on an upright bush. 1.2m

Lasting Love

H.T. Powerful fragrance, double, dusky red buds open to showy deep red blooms. Extremely healthy with glossy foliage and compact growth to 1.2m

Loving Memory

H.T Lightly fragrant, large double, crimson scarlet on strong stiff stems. Good for cut flower and exhibition. 1.5m

Maggie Barry

H.T. Mild fragrance, double, almost orange scarlet opening to a pretty light pink heavily overlaid and veined orange scarlet. Flowers freely in all weather. 1m

Margaret Merril

Fl./H.T. Very fragrant, delicate white tinted soft pink, good for picking. 1.3m

Midnight Blue

Fl. Strong fragrance, large trusses of small semi double flowers of deep rich purple with a centre of golden stamens. Compact plant with not many thorns. 80cm to 1m

Mum in a Million

H.T. Stunning large blooms of soft rose pink with a knockout perfume cover the plant in profusion. Long stems, flowering for extremely long periods, healthy grower.

My Girl

H.T. A mixture of deep pink to pale pink and white on a beautifully formed bush. The plant is short, but vigorous and and very bushy. The colour holds in the sun. 1m

My Love

H.T. Very fragrant, double, white with a hint of pink, a tall vigorous plant. 1.5m

My Sister

Patio. Brilliant eye catching fire engine red flowers, good repeat flowerer.

Oranges and Lemons

Large fully double, orange and lemon striped with foliage burgundy red turning deep green with age. 1.3m

Poetry in Motion

H.T. Richly scented, double, stunning creamy gold apricot blooms that do not blemish in the rain, on a sturdy upright bush, great for picking. 1m

Princess of Wales

Fl. Pretty buds open into pearl white attractive blooms that smother the bush right through to autumn, compact bush of 80cm

Princess Royal

H.T. Beautiful golden apricot blooms of good form on stong stems with a lovely fragrance and excellent for picking. 1.2m

Pure Bliss

H.T. Delicate pink blloms blushed with apricot on vigorous upright plant. 1.2m


F.l Fantastic fragrance, fully double neatly formed rosettes of deep purple. Rounded growth habit. 1m

Queen Elizabeth

H.T. Slightly fragrant, large, clear pink clusters on a tall very stong plant. 1.5m

Raspberry Ice

Fl.Large double, sliver white edged raspberry red, a tall stong healthy plant. 1.5m

Remember Me

H.T. Lightly scented, double, large coppery orange with a hint of red on the edges, dark glossy foliage on spreading bushy plant. 1.2m

Royal Amethyst

H.T. huge perfume, deep lavender, repeats well, prefers sunny position. 1.3m

Ruby Wedding

H.T. Slightly fragrant, shapely ruby red flowers of medium size, with loosely arranged petals when fully open. Growth bushy and tidy. 60cm

Sally Holmes

Modern shrub. Fragrant, large single, creamy white flowers with yellow stamens, repeats well on a tall very healthy plant. 1.8m

Scent to remember

Fl. Fragrant, double, peachy apricot blooms on a medium sized bush. Quick to repeat.

Silky dream

H.T. Very fragrant, high pointed buds opening to a lovely semi double soft pink. Strong upright grower. 1.5m

Sir Tristram

H.T. Shapely double blooms of dark velvety red tone. Lasts well in a vase. The blooms are very weather resistant and are produced on a medium tall plant.

Special Occasion

H.T. Lightly perfumed, double, apricot gently flushed with pink and orange. 1.3m

Spiced Coffee

H.T. Very fragrant, spicy pale amber flushed with lavender pink, sturdy upright growth. 1.2m

Strawberry Ice

Fl. Large, double, creamy white, heavily flushed deep pink at edge. Compact growth to 90cm.

Tequila Sunrise

H.T. Rich deep golden yellow tipped with orange red are freely produced over a long period, good for picking. 1.3m

Thank You

Patio. Fragrant, small double soft pink flowers on a compact healthy plant, profuse. 60 – 80cm

The Wedding Rose

Fl. Lightly scented double white flowers on a small compact plant, free flowering. 80cm


Fl. Bright orange red flowers on a compact plant, this will stand out in any garden. Very free flowering. 1m

Twist N Twirl

H.T./Fl. A real dazzler with its amazing colour combination of orange red heavily overlaid with silvery white splashings. Very free flowering and makes a riot of colour. 1.2m