Fl. Light fragrance. Novelty colouring of burgundy red striped yellow cream with beach bloom magically displaying its own individual combination. Some flowers one colour.

Absolutely Fabulous

An exceptional rose of butter gold, appealing old fashioned form, a strong fragrance, and wonderful health.


Fl. Masses of creamy white blooms cover this hardy medium grower. Very healthy rose.

Blackberry Nip

H.T. Powerful old fashioned fragrance, double, deep unfading purple blooms of medium size, early to flower andvery profuse, good repeat flower.

Burgundy Iceberg

Fl. Fragrant, semi double, burgundy flowers cover the plant all summer, free flowering.

Dublin Bay

Fragrant, double, deep red, on a healthy plant. Very freeflowering.


Fl. Fragrant, semi double, pure white, free flowering.

L D Braithwaite

Upright, shrub rose with grey-green leaves.  Larges, fully double, fragrant bright crimson flowers bloom from summer until early autumn.

Margaret Merril

Fl./H.T. Very fragrant, delicate white tinted soft pink, good for picking.


China rose. “Tipo Ideale” . Flowers of honey-yellow to orange and red continuously produced.

Paddy Stephens

H.T. Perfectly formed blooms of warm coral orange and salmon on a vigorous free flowering plant.

Princess Alexandra

H.T. Deepest magenta pink rose with frilled edge to petals borne on single stems. Flower is large, strong fragrant. Weathers well


H.T. Dark red double blooms, dark shiny green foliage. Very strong fragrance.

Scent to remember

Fl. Fragrant, double, peachy apricot blooms on a medium sized bush. Quick to repeat.

Star of Courage

Fl. Beautiful vibrant deep terracotta orange, soft sweet perfume. Nice deep green foliage. With every plant sold a dollar is given to the Child Cancer Foundation.

The Fairy

Ground cover. Clusters of small pink flowers, profuse.


Fl. Bright orange red flowers on a compact plant, this will stand out in any garden. Very free flowering.

Winchester Cathedral

White sport of “Mary Rose”. Attractive double flowers.