Today they frequently go hand in hand with stylish entrances to restaurants and stately homes, but topiary shapes have a long and noble history that dates back to Egyptian and Roman times.
They are a softer alternative to marble statuary and immediately show that someone cares about first impressions. Shapes can be simple geometric designs or elaborate and whimsical. There are both classical and contemporary choices, all tribute to the aesthetic expressions of their owners.

  • Bay std
  • Buxus fastigiata pillars
  • Buxus koreana low balls
  • Buxus sempervirens
    • Low ball
    • Std single ball
    • Doubles
    • Triples
    • Quads
  • Camellia std
  • Ceonothus std
  • Choisya std
  • Genista std
  • Holly std
  • Kowhai std
  • Lavendar std
  • Michelia std
  • Michelia gracipies std
  • Pittosporum Golf Ball
  • Pittosporum Humpty Dumpty
  • Portuguese Laural std
  • Viburnum std

Not all topiaries are available all year round, so please contact us to see what is available now