The grapefruit was at one time called the ‘forbidden fruit’ and is believed to be of Caribbean origin.  Leaves are 3 to 5 inches long, pointed at the tips with a rounded base. Flowers are white. The leaves are evergreen, living for as long as two years. The grapefruit itself is actually classified as a berry (hesperidium). Grapefruit at maturity are bright yellow with a thick peel with white, pale yellow, pink or red flesh.


Deep red skin. Very similar to Golden Special in quality. Good bearer. Ripens July/August. Highly ornamental.


Improved from the well-known Morrison’s Seedless. Fruit large, juicy and deliciously flavoured. Flesh finely grained, richly coloured and quite free of seeds. Skin colour rich golden, thin and easily peeled. Ripens in July and continues through November. The best for breakfasts, drinks and marmalade.