Lemon trees are botanically known as “Citrus limon” and they are a small, evergreen tree. Lemon is the leading acid citrus fruit because of its color, odor, flavor, and many uses.

Lemon trees need to placed in a sunny, well drained location and be kept away from all frosts and freezes. Lemons like fertile soil with plenty of organic matter and they prefer as slightly acidic to neutral pH.  Lemon trees need watering once a week rather than a small amount every day. Regular moisture is a must.


Fast growing and bears quite heavily when young. Bears July to August. Fresh tangy flavour, fruit has pale yellow rind and relatively easy to peel.


Most popular lemon for the home garden. Fruits heavily year after year. Thin-skinned, smooth, bright golden fruit throughout the year. Hardiest of all lemons.


Lisbon type but with a thin skin and smaller in growth. Fruits July. Fruit very juicy popular export variety.