The flavour of fresh, tree ripened apricots is unbeatable. A wide range of varieties are available. New dwarf hybrids have been developed for the smaller garden.

Apricot trees are self-fruiting. This means that they do not require more than one tree for pollination. So you can plant several trees in a larger area on your property, or you can have just one apricot tree growing in your yard.

Winter is the perfect time to plant and prune your trees.  We have the best selection of new season’s trees available in the winter months.

Apricots can be used in many ways. Jams, preserving, relishes and chutneys all store well. Or try using in pies, puddings and crumbles.


Dwarf apricot with single white flowers and green foliage. Pyramidal shape. 1.8 – 2m, 60cm std


Golden yellow fruit. Self fertile.


Sweet orange fruit. Pollinate with sundrop.

Royal Rosa

Sweet orange fruit. Self fertile.

Double Grafted Apricots

Trevatt – Newcastle

Triple Grafted Apricots

Trevatt – Newcastle – Sundrop