The aroma and flavour of fresh feijoas is like a magnet for foodies. This hardy and robust fruit is so easy to grow and willingly provides you with oodles of fruit from autumn to early winter each year. Their delightful bright red flowers, which appear at Christmas, add to their appeal as a garden plant. Feijoas are also an excellent source of hydration for the body and provide soluble fibre to combat a build up of toxins in the digestive system.

  • Feijoas make a fantastic hedge that will tolerate wind and coastal conditions.
  • They can also be planted in containers, in groups in an orchard, or blended into ornamental garden plantings.
  • As they tolerate frost, they are a fruiting option for cooler areas of the country.
  • Trees will mature to 2m-3m high and approx 1.5-2m wide.

A wide range of feijoas are available. Some varieties are self fertile, but even self fertile varieties will produce heavier and more regular crops if they are pollinated by other varieties. Plant at least two varieties to extend your season and ensure a better harvest.


Mid season
Delicate fruit. Large fruit, some uneven in shape. Sweet with good eating quality. Bruises easily.


Early season
Good storage life. Typically sizes are small to medium. Soft & juicy, slightly grainy or gritty, strong flavour, sub-acid. Upright spreading habit.


Mid Season
Medium size fruit with good flavour. Compact open habit.


Mid Season
Great flavoured medium to large fruit.


Mid Season
Fruit stores well. Medium to large fruit with moderately smooth dark skin. Mildly aromatic flavour, slightly gritty, soft and juicy pulp. Upright vigorous grower.

Opal Star

Late Season
Medium size fruit. Mild flavour. Sub-acid. Compact upright grower.


Early season
Good storage. Medium size fruit. Aromatic, rich flavour. Good sugar: acid ratio. Very dark skin. Upright and spreading.


Late Season
Good storer. Medium sized. Often uneven halves. Moderately soft & juicy and slightly grainy or gritty. Upright and vigorous shoot growth habit.


Very early season Good keeper. Medium size fruit with distinctive split in calyx base. Smooth, soft & juicy flesh, mildly aromatic. Sub-acid. Self fertile. Compact and vigorous growth.

Wiki Tu

Late Season
Large, mild flavoured fruit. Sometimes has follow locules (segments) inside. Compact.