A tree well worth growing for its delectable fruit, the Nectarine is also a truly beautiful flowering specimen, with its blossoms bursting into ‘pinkness’ in the early spring. And, being a deciduous tree, it will also produce beautiful autumn foliage after the fruiting is over.
Nectarines like moist, well drained soil in full sun but with some protection from strong wind for the spring blossom. Keep the ground around the base of the trees free of weeds and feed young trees with good quality organic compost.

This is a good specimen to shape into an Espalier.



Red Gold

Mid – late February

Dwarf Nectarine

Flavour Zee

Mid season yellow fleshed fruit of good size  0.7m std

Garden Delight

Large single pale pink flower and green and eating quality. Forms a compact bushy habit. Self fertile foliage. Shape round and compact. Eventually to 1.5m. Self fertile. 0.7m std

Nectar Babe

Bright red fruit, flavourful, sweet and juicy  0.7m std

Double Grafted Nectarines

Garden Delight – Bonanza 10

Garden Delight – Rose Chiffon 5

Triple Grafted Nectarines

Redgold – Firebrite – Snow Queen 5