Peaches are cultivated varieties derived from the species Prunus persica. The ancestral home for the species is the Tarim Basin in China. Humans have dispersed the species widely over several thousand years.

Peaches have pubescence (fuzz). A wide variety of colours, textures and flavour type exists.

Skin colour ranges from pale white through to yellow and totally red in colour.

Flesh colour ranges from white through to yellow gold coloured to bright orange.

Textures range from soft when ripe (dessert) through to rubbery when ripe (canning) to crunchy.

Taste ranges from sweet to aromatic and sub acid to strongly acidic.

Peaches are self fertile.


Late February

Freestone Queen

Early March

Golden Queen

Mid March

Spring Crest

Early December

Dwarf Peaches

Garden Lady

A dwarf std fruiting variety. Yellow skinned

Honey Babe 1

Dwarf peach. Medium sized fruit, with deep

Rose Chiffon

Dwarf white fleshed freestone peach with red skin with a hint of yellow. Sweet & firm double deep rose coloured flowers. Excellent ornamental and fruiting selection.

Double Grafted PeachesĀ 

Blackboy – Golden Queen

Blackboy – Red Haven

Blackboy – Spring Crest

Bonanza – Rose Chiffon

Golden Queen – Spring Crest