Plums are a delicious treat in the homegrown fruit garden. Trees can be highly productive and require comparatively little effort for the baskets and bowls of juicy fruit that ripen in spring, summer and autumn. Fruit are sweet and delicious, full of anti-oxidants and can be eaten fresh, preserved, made into jams, preserves, chutneys and pickles. Plum trees can grow to the height of a two-storey house and they often make an attractive, slightly spreading shape. Plums can grow in most parts of the country and will do best where they get a cold spell in winter that helps to stimulate production of flower buds. They are frost hardy, although blossom can be damaged by late spring frosts. Plums do need a pollinator, so if you only have room for one tree, try a double or triple grafted tree.


Maturity Date January


Maturity Date February

Duffs Early Jewel

Maturity Date January

Elephant Heart

Maturity Date January


Maturity Date January


Maturity Date March

Purple King

Maturity Date February

Santa Rosa

Maturity Date December


Maturity Date Early February

Wilsons Early

Maturity Date Early January