Fagus sylvatica purpurea (Copper Beech)

Foliage copper when young, turning to deep rich purple, almost black later in season. Deciduous. 10m

Fraxinus Raywoodii (Claret Ash)

Large upright ovoid habit, lush green in summer, turning plum purple in autumn. Great shade tree. D. 10m


Medium sized tree conspicuous at all times expecially with strong autumn tints, maple like leaves, corky bark on branches. Deciduous. 8m

Quercus Coccinea (Scaret Oak)

Upright, broadly spreading. Floiage dark glossy green turning scarlet in autumn. Very hardy. Deciduous. 20 – 25m

Quercus Fastigiata (Upright English Oak)

Narrow erect form when young, becoming more pyramidal as the tree matures. Foliage turns russet brown in the autumn and falls late in the season. 8m

Quercus Palustris (Pin Oak)

Lovely pyramidal shaped tree. The branches tend to droop toward the groung in a graceful habit. Leaves turn great shades of yellow and fiery red in autumn. 8m

Quercus Robur (English Oak)

Best oak for acorns. Give this tree room to develop and it will be admired for generations. Does best in moist soils and is terrific for shade. 6m

Quercus Rubra (Red Oak)

Broadly spreading large tree. Leaves turn red then brown in autumn. Deciduous. 20+m

Salix Pendula Aurea (Golden Weeping Willow)

Good shade trees. Slender golden yellow branches weep gracefully to the ground clothed with light green leaves. Wonderful to plant in damp conditions, good shade tree. 8m

Ulmus Parvifolia (Variegated Elm)

Slow growing graceful open pyramidal habit. Leaves densely mottled creamy white, giving a slivery effect. Dec. 6m