Acer Negundo Kelly Gold (Golden Box Elder)

Small deciduous tree. Soft golden yellow foliage, colour lightens in autumn. 5m

Acer Negundo Variegatum

Foliage green and yellow. Hardy. Deciduous

Acer Rubrum (American Red Maple)

Quick growing. Glossy green foliage turns rich red and scarlet in autumn. Deciduous. 10m

Japanese Maples

Acer Cream Splash

Snake bark maple with white speckled foliage. Compact bushy habit & orange autumn foliage. 4m in 10 years.

Acer Gracefield

Snake bark maple is an improved selection similar to Acer esk Flamingo but improved autumn colour of bright orange.New growth with pink splashes.

Acer Shaina

Compact bushy habit with foliage of rich reddish-purple, turning scarlet in autumn. Smallest growing of red-purple group. 1.5m

Acer Senkaki

A small tree, for winter effect. Younger branches being an attractive coral-red. Leaves turning a soft yellow in the autumn. 3 x 2.5m

Acer d Crimson Princess

Deep red-purple foliage throughout summer, changing to brilliant red in autumn. Spectaculer small weeping tree. 1m x 1m

Acer d Orangeola

Unusual weeping fom with interesting reddish bronze new growth and rich green summer foliage on cascading branches. Not as wide growing as other dissectums. 1m x .8

Acer d Viridis

Soft fresh green foliage in spring, deeper through summer, becoming golden yellow and orange in autumn. Strongly cascading branches form a dome-shaped plant at maturity. 1m x 1m