Albizzia Red Silk 2yr

Rich scarlet red with creamy undertones. Good reliable colour, with a good growing habit.

Cercis Forest Pansy

Beautiful tree with deep reddish-purple foliage. Flowers pink but not conspicuous. 3m

Cercis Heart’s of Gold

Golden redbud. Reddish purple leaves early spring changing to stunning bright yellow futher in the season.Semi-glossy heart shaped foliage. 5-6m

Cercis Spring Snow

White flowered Chinese redbud. Rich green heart shaped leaves with masses of white blossom clothing stems in Spring. Compact habit reaching 3m in 10 years.

Cornus Cherokee Chief

Deepest red flowering cornus. New growth is bronze red turning green then bright scarlet in autumn. 3 – 4m

Cornus Cloud

Pure white large flowers. Autumn floiage colours are orange and scarlet, strong tree with a speading habit. Free flowering 4 – 5m

Cornus Controversa Variegata

Displays variegated leaves with a dramatic summer flower (Wedding Cake Tree) show on a formal, layered, branching framework. Red stems are revealed in autumn and winter. 5 – 7m

Cornus c. Golden Wedding

A sport from a nursery seedling. Has stablized quickly into a layered tree. Margins of golden foliage and cream areas around green. It has been known for not sun burning in NZ conditions Spring growth has bronze tint, autumn pink tones. White blooms.

Cornus Eddies White Wonder

Autumn foliage colours of scarlet and orange with large white flowers in spring. 5 – 6m

Cornus Rainbow

White spring flowers on briliant yellow foliage with breen base. Autumn rainbow display of pink and deep purple. 2.5m

Ginkgo Autumn Gold

Maiden hair foliage in soft summer green becomes brilliant golden yellow in Autumn. 6m in 10 yrs

Gingko Jade Butterflies

Semi dwarf form. Rich bluish green leaves changing to soft yellow in autumn. Very compact habit. Ideal for smaller garden. 3m

Gingko Little Weeper

Small maidenhair foliage, soft gree in summer becomiing a strong golden yellow in Autumn. Growth arches upward with pendulous outer branches. 3m in 10 yrs

Gingko Ming Princess

Another outstanding maidenhair tree but in a very miniature form. Very fine foliage.

Gleditsia Emerald Cascade

Attractive weeping form. Emerald green leaves which turn yellow in autumn. Wind tolerant. Deciduous. 2.5m

Gleditsia Ruby Lace

Striking tree with deep bronze-red coloured foliage. 6m

Gleditsia Sunburst

Striking medium sized tree, thornless stems and bright yellow young leaves which contrast very nicely with the older dark green foliage. 6m


Medium sized tree conspicuous at all times expecially with strong autumn tints, maple like leaves, corky bark on branches. Deciduous. 8m

Liquidamber sty. Gumball

Dwarf form. Head will naturally grow into a rounded ball. Brilliant autumn displya of red, gold, orange and purple.

Nyssa Sylvatica

One of the showiest trees for autumn colour. Glossy green (Black Tupelo, Black Gum) leaves turn scarlet, orange and yellow. Blue-black fruit. Wet site. Deciduous. 7m

Magnolia Billowing Cloud

Smaller growing hybrid with masses of white flowers. Sweet perfume. Rounded habit to 3.5m in 10 yrs

Magnolia ‘Black tulip’

Smaller growing compact tree with magnificent goblet-shaped blooms in a stunning red-black. Dec. 3.5m x 2.5m

Magnolia Brixton Belle

Large 0.30m diameter voluptuous soft pink blooms. Similar to m. Cambelli. A small rounded tree. Perfect for the small garden. Free blooming from a young, age, often setting bloom in the nursery. 4 x 3.5m in 10yrs

Magnolia Cameo

Sister seedling to ‘Cleopatra’ elegant sculpted blooms of rounded form. Outer side of tepals is reddish purple/inner surface white, blushed rose. Trials show ‘Cameo’ to be one of the heaviest flowering magnolias in the first season. Blooms, wind tolerant & produced abundantly from the first year.

Magnolia Genie

Early season flowering showing a mass of deep velvety blooms changing through shades of rich purple and red developing delicate pink edges. Flowers through to late season. 3.5 x 2m

Magnolia denudata Gere

Late flowering selection of the species. Pure white flowers on small to medium sized upright tree. 4m

Magnolia Honey Tulip

Large tulip shaped flowers the colour fo golden honey smother the tree in early spring before the leaves emerge. 4m x 2m

Magnolia s. Jane Platt

Best of the dwarf stellata types. Rich pink flowers with many tepals on a compact bush. Limited numbers available. 1.5m in 10yrs

Magnolia Lennei Alba

Late season white selection. Excellent compact habit with profusion of pure white medium sized goblets. 2.5m

Magnolia Lilyflora

Native to China.  Lilyflora has a multi-branched, shrub-like habit. The blooms open from long erect buds and appear for several months over spring. Rich purple on the outside with white interiors.  2.5m x 2m

Magnolia Royal Purple

Excellent hybrid raised by Peter Cave with rich royal purple flowers produced in abundance. Upright tree with limited spread. 3.5m in 10yrs

Magnolia Sieboldii

Broadly spreading. Pendant cup shaped fragrant 7 – 10cm (Dyma Magnolia) flowers borne on small tree. Deciduous. 3m

Magnolia Stellata (white)

Charming Japanese shrubby Magnolia, among the first to bloom. Forms a compact rounded multi-branched twiggy bush, with narrow-oblong to obovate dark green leaves, often golden in autumn. Starry pure white fragrant flowers appear in great masses for long periods from mid-winter.  2m x 2m

Magnolia Strawberry Fields

Excellent vibrant red blooms in the shape of a large star. Long time flowering’. Upright columnar tree. 5m

Magnolia Vulcan

Opulent, deep magenta blooms up to 25cm across. A good sized compact tree, suitable for smaller gardens. 4m x 3m

Magnolia s. Waterlily

Excellent white form of stellata from Japan with many tepals. May open pink in some seasons. Compact bushy habit. 1.5m in 10yrs

Magnolia ‘Burgundy Star’

Distinctively different with flowers that are many petalled and claret red. Absolutely stunning! Tall and narrow, perfect for small gardens

Malus Jack Humm

Rounded tree with single white flower and red glossy oval fruit. A NZ hybrid selected for holding its fruit in winter 4-5m

Malus Barbara Ann 1m std

Large double red flower, purplish red fruit with bronze red to bronze green floiage. Rounded tree habit. 4m

Michelia Bubbles

An amazing late winter flowering tree with a scent that should be bottled. A medium sized tree with mid tone green glossy leaves and lightly scented small white flowers with a pink tinge. Grows upright and tall but can be clipped to shape, either as a specimen or a pletched hedge.  4m x 3m

Michelia Maudiae

Native to Southern China, it forms a small round headed tree with attractive grey-green foliage. In spring it produces sweetly perfumed pure white flowers.  4m x 3m

Michelia Mixed-Up-Miss

A highly desirable small evergreen tree that has glossy green foliage and gorgeous cream flowers that are flushed with pale purple at the tips. Once established will just smother itself with perfumed blooms in spring.  3m x 1.5m

Prunus Awanui

Upright spreading tree with masses of single pale pink flowers in spring on bare stems. Yellow-orange autumn toning. 5m

Prunus Ceranoides Rubea

Slender upright growing tree, with large semi-double pale pink flowers. Pale green new growth and orange autumn toning. 5m

Prunus Felix Jury

Early flowering with deep carmine red flowers. Pyramidal shaped tree becoming rounded as it matures. Smaller growing campanulata type. 5 – 6m

Prunus Kanzan

Flower buds are a dark purplish-red colour and when open, change to rose red or cyclamen pink. New growth is attractive copper colour turning gree. Autumn colour foliage is coppery-yellow. 8 – 9m

Prunus Mountain Ice

Beautiful tree with upward spreading habit with age. Produces masses of striking white pendulous flowers. Yellow-orange autumn foliage. Hardy, tolerates wind in exposed sites. 6m

Prunus Shimidsu Sakura

Flower buds are tinted with shell pink, when fully open the semi-double blossoms are snowy white.  Very attractive spreading tree, tending to be wider than tall. 3m x 5m wide

Prunus Shirotae

Snow white flowers produced in clusters, sometimes single but more often semi-double. Autumn foliage is clear vivid golden yellow colour. Forms a rounded tree. 5 – 8m

Prunus Falling Snow (weeping)

Pink buds open to single pink blooms, fading to pure white. Falling snow cascades vertically with a more weeping habit.

Prunus Pendula Rosea (weeping)

Weeping spring cherry with graceful drooping branches. Flowers rich pink in bud passing to pale blush. Rosea weeps downward, then outward forming almost a bell shape.

Pyrus salicifolia Pendula (Weeping Silver Pear)

A graceful, slender branching tree, with a rounded habit. Single white flowers in spring. May be trimmed to make a formal weeper.

Robinia Frisia

Rich golden yellow foliage from spring to autumn creates a brilliant splash of colour. Perfumed cream flowers in early summer. 7 – 10m

Robinia Lace Lady

Interesting compact selection with “corkscrew” stems, with rich green leaves hanging in ringlets, eventually reaching 1.5 – 2m

Robinia Mop Top

Produces a ball of fresh, thornless, green lustrous foliage 2 – 3m in diameter. A natural topiary tree, maintaining a round headed shape. Hardy to both extreme heat and cold.